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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

cheer up..

Today is 9 september 2009..090909..the date is juz perfect,rite..? I got no class for sis,farah was so jealous because her class mostly ended late in the are still young sis, sooner or later time will change..ha2..but then, arrgh...she will arrive home for Hari Raya earlier than come? huh, never mind,i give u extra days to 'buko poso' with our family..then, wait for me ya..ha2..hmm,Its 7.15 am ed..after this, have some works to do..i hope my eyes can afford that..

Just for joking, i wanna share with you some comic's strips that for me, so funny and have sences of humour.,of course..ha2..juz scroll down..

Both pictures above tell about the situations that happen in the classroom..maybe..he2
This photo is not like the others( comic type)... when this pic came across me, i burst into laughter and wondering how these two babies look so closed in their bonding..maybe the way they were being positioned..hmm,so sweet..
What do you think about the mother's feeling? maybe we can make joke with this coz it quite funny as well..but,hmm..don't ever hurt your parents even with a single word okay..

Picture speaks thousand words..the last picture/strip so impressed me..juz look at the sincerity of the friend in red..ha2..innocently, he left his friend like that..

p/s: make yourself happy everyday because automatically, you will make the people around you smile as decide! :)


Jessieca Junas said...

tak tahan aku sandarji cartoons tu
power gila nama2 pet dia

pastu katun paling last

moral betul, tp kureng betul klu kawan yang hempap guna batu sebab malas nak pegang..haha lawak2 ;p

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Doa buat ibu bapa yang dikasihi