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Sunday, September 6, 2009

that incident..

That day, on 27 October 2009, i decided to go back to my hometown at Kota Bharu,Kelantan.I already bought the ticket for a long excited to go home.i did'nt go home for about 2 months! I really3X missed my mama,my abah,my siblings,my grandma room..hmm,moreover, it's ramadhan( fasting month) nice to gather with family at this time..we can feel the 'nikmat' tasting the delicious favourite meals from the very good cook, mother.
First, i decided to take the bus at 8 after breaking the fast because i was alone,i mean there was no other friends wanna go back that time, my bus will begin the journey at 10 pm.Luckily my coursemate also wanna go home at the same time with me but different bus,different destination..fuh, i got a member to accompany me to go to Hentian Kajang. we decided to wait for Rapid( so fast like its name) after isya' (muslim's time to pray)but deep in my heart, i predicted that we will be in hurry if there is still no bus at 9..

After performing isya', i quickly took my luggage( the word indicate how many things inside) and walked down to the bus stop..looking at my B.U.M watch( juz interframe), huh still early..waiting under the bright light of the enchanted bus stop was really peaceful coz majority muslims performed their solat sunat terawih..there were a group of girls also waiting. looking at their things, they also wanna go back kelantan,same with me. That was juz a prediction after hearing their dialect of 'kelate'..he2..

Hmm.."where is the bus..where is the bus..don't be late or else i can't arrive on time.." i said to myself..but its still early,8.50 pm..

After that, there was a chinese girl came across and sit beside me..after a couple of time, i started a word with her. she looked so friendly..we chatted and asked each other some questions..

WHAT??? already 9.30?? how come? so late,no rapid,no taxi..huh, my 'blockmate' didn't bring her handphone if i need help..i called my coursemate that also tension at Dato'Onn bus stop.lastly, she decided to send me first to Hentian Kajang with her motorcycle and then she will ask her friend to send her again..NO,I was so sorry for her to do that..the chinese girl also felt the same kind of feeling because her bus also at 10 pm! i asked her whether she has the friends that have transport to help. she depressed,so sad, but there was still a hope! Alhamdulillah,she has a friend that has 'kancil'..that chinese boy was so helpfull. Thank you very much for your help boy!

It was 10.00 pm sharp,we arrived at Hentian Kajang..the bus still there.without hesitation, i put my bag at the luggage site then got into the bus..Alhamdulillah, i still had the chance to go home that night or else my ticket juz burned like that..10 minutes after that,the bus started the family, here i come!! :)

p/s: I told my parents about the incident..what i could grab as the lesson is, we must always be friendly and dont act snobbish to the people around us. because we don't know that maybe that people will help us when we in emergency..somewhere and somehow..if i not being friendly towards that chinese girl, maybe i need an extra effort to ask for another help..Thank you Allah..:)


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