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Thursday, September 30, 2010


The most favourite food i adore most is ice cream..yet, until now.
Is there anyone here same with me? ahaa..there you are.

 i really like the cone ice Waal's brand.

 During my childhood, the popular 'brand' among us was the long icecream in the cylinder plastic that usually prepared by housewifes, Malaysia homemade icecream. Got it? It has a lot of flavours including rose syrup, orange, lychee n some put fruits like pineapple inside to make it more valuable..ahaa..what a safe brand!

The most expensive ice cream that i ever ate was ice cream by Baskin Robbin.

Popsicle. delicious and mouth watering..Paddle pop popsicle is my passion.

colourful popsicles...

Wait..why i put an entry about this? hee...someone gonna treat me with ice cream..the brand? guess what? Baskin Robbin..again. :) don't know


Badio Sulaiman said...

mengharapnye bunyi... hehe.. belanja duskin bobin je la ye, tiruan punye

Nur Hazwani Binti Pauzi said...

ye la kan..harap ada yg sudi fhm..huh,duskin bobin pun bolehlah..asalkan ada sudu warna pink mcm Buskin robbin tu jgk ya..:p

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