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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Forget it? never..

What a heavy book. This Campbell Reference Book was so greatly designed..yeah, with colourful diagrams and photos together with the complete explanations plus simple English usage..Actually it's not mine..i just borrowed my sister's because she wanted to keep it at home instead of her campus..i don't know what the real reason is, but after going back for the last break, this book was still there, right on bookshelf. So, i took it and hopefully my sis will let it with open heart..hee..and yes, she did it. tq sis.

Reviewing thoroughly the needed pages, (there was no silverfish that i could find..he2 ) suddenly make me remember something..the memories that hardly to be demolished. It's about my pre-campus life, my matriculation life..5 years KMNS..(Negeri Sembilan Matriculation College)..i was one of the students in H3P3( hayat 3 praktikum 3)..
logo KMNS...

ah, about H1P1? luckily it was not H1N1..he3..oops..sorry it just came across my mind..

hm, back to my story..peace..

i love to learn Biology...wait..not so serious..actually i love to learn Biology with my teacher, formally called lecturer..Puan Syuriza. That lecturer was so excellent in her ways of teaching..she pointed us to go in front and elaborate particular lesson to the audience after discussing it among the group members. So, our faces were all like 'a mouse that being chased by the cat'. All in white hoping for the lecturer for not pointing us.

hmm..let me add some more 'idiom'..
maybe  like 'a person who are frightened to a ghost' ( is it so extreme? whatever...)
Although sometimes, she was so fierce (how bad we were..), but it was paid. We really understood and could even explain it completely after her lesson. And believe it or not, she could remember our name one by one at glance..

One day, i was writing some notes on my tutorial sheet and didn't look at her because she was asking a question, so i tried to hide myself and so my friends.hee..
Somehow, I still remembered the question. Suddenly i heard my name being called by her..

"Hazwani, what do you understand about histone?

what a surprised! histone?? That kind of protein was new to us that time.Nobody could answer it.
hm..i got a lesson that day, and it recalled back during my practical session last year..wanna know?

As a teacher, if we want the student to react as what we hope for, we have to know their name first and asking question by using their name, not just 'you'..

why i said so? you know, after pointing me by my name, i be more concentrated to the topic and be more prepared before her class..and i really enjoyed it..

Actually Puan Syuriza was really closed to us and the other students as well. She always welcome us to come to her seat and discussed with her about the lesson. But bear in mind, before entering that stuff room, we must be prepared about what we are going to ask..( horror instrumental song here..) not just knock the door and ask the answers..and Campbell Reece Book really helped my friends and i.
Thank you Puan Syuriza..i hope to meet you again someday..millions of thanks for all your kindness toward us. May Allah showers you and all my teachers with lots of rahman and rahmat..:)

my reference book for Biology?

Absolutely Campbell Reece Book..hee..:)

p/s: memory lane..


Anonymous said...

lesson i get from this topic...
1. remember students name...huhu..but, can u share what the best way to remember thir name..erm...share wani..pliz...( mula sinchan ni..hee)
2. at KMPK we use TB4 in means Tutorial Biology 4..not H1NI...HEEEEEE..peace..

guess who wrote this comment??? front u...hee=p

Nur Hazwani Binti Pauzi said...

hi my neighbour..i know u..:)
1. one of the best ways is, i remember my student name (majority of them) by calling their; Hayati= yati etc..
for chinese student, i prefer to use their family name..later, their own name..for indian student, its not complicated coz only a few of them in class..
other way, ask question frequently n don't forget to hold the name list. oh ya, try to sketch the position in classroom regarding the students' desks n put along the name. :)

lesson: call their name as u want and make sure they are comfortable with it.

otherwise, try something else that comfort u. it needs time but efforts can be done at anytime..good luck! =)

Anonymous said...

wani, ur story like me too coz i'm also love to learn biology with my teacher he..
really enjoyed during matriculation progrm and alwyz mis dat time huhu

Nur Hazwani Binti Pauzi said...

ooh really..? i'm quite happy to bring back that memory to u via my story..:)

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