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Friday, May 7, 2010

A day with full of barakah..enjoy it!

Today is friday..what? friday? yea, its friday..a day with full of barakah, ohh well..a lot of pahala that we can i wanna share with you about friday. simple right ? because we only talk about day. Yes, it's same with the other 6 days..but, do you really know what are so special about this sayyidul ayyam?

 hmm..for guys..please don't neglect you know, solat jumaat. jus a simple solat with 2 khutbah..what you need to do is to hear the sermon. jus hear it attentively, not play around or doing anything else that may reduce your 'marks' according to pahala that will be given..ahaa..sounds great!

Opps, before the morning before preparing yourself to the mosque, make sure you take a bath , uhh..need to say? yes, absolutely. those who want to pray with full of concentrate must have a good condition and manner regarding themselves and the surrounding..never take it easy ok..

oh yes, i have read a hadith by our beloved prophet, Rasulullah..
here it is:

"the person who has a bath on Friday and goes early to the mosque on foot, and not by a vehicle, listens to the sermon (khutbah) and does not do any foolish act while it is being delivered, will get the reward of one year's fasting,and one year's prayer; for every step that he takes" (At-Tirmizi)

It began to make me was truly amazed..subhanaAllah..what a big deal! Allah the most loving toward HIS servants..

So, now do you get it? stop babbling around when your mom try to wake you up to perform solat jumaat at mosque..apart from that, you have to be very gratefull because you can grab alot of pahala and berkah again on this jumaat, today. Alhamdulillah..

Actually my friends, friday also is called weekly Hari, enjoy it with zikrullah, resting with family, helping each other..oh yes, don't forget to clean up your home..making some decoration, tidy up all your teddy bears on place and  try to cheerful your room with your own style..hee..well..what a 'delicious cake' we can get via friday...hmm..i like it! mum is calling from the kitchen..have to go..ok..see you on next entry..wait for it okay! tq..:)


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Doa buat ibu bapa yang dikasihi