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Monday, July 12, 2010

Experiences collector..

"Being a teacher is my passion".

That's the best sentence, good quote to show the real character as a teacher..Am i right?
ahaa..sounds so familiar here..well, i just took it from elsewhere..really touching for the first time i had read it..
ooh, my beloved parents always advices and support me via that phrase too.., what's the real story now??

First and foremost, i would like to say..Alhamdulillah..thanks to Allah, my creator..for giving me a great chance to grab the experiences as well as opportunities to shine my profession someday, insyaAllah.. 

This week, i have the chances, request and time to be a tuition teacher..where??'s my is juz a stone throw from my home..located very near to USM..ahaa..correct.

Chemistry teacher. That form 5 science students really happening, same goes to the other form 5 class that i taught mathematics. Wait..and so my form 4 students :) and curiousity..always have questions to ask and obey all the instructions to complete the lesson for about an hour..i like that attitude..:)

"Great success comes from the great efforts and don't forget the most important thing is, the relationship with our Lord, Allah SWT.."

good luck!

p/s: i'm so glad to meet someone on this August..:)


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Doa buat ibu bapa yang dikasihi