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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

say 'thank you'

Salam silaturrahim..hi guys, English, have to type in, today i would like to share with you about the attitude, manner and some say bevavior in our daily life. We can't avoid from society everywhere we go..society is around us..organising some occasions, dealing with lecturers, hang out with friends, n even chatting with our family,all involve human being.. n perhaps, don't forget, we also are connected with the nature directly or indirectly..but then, i more refer to the human being for this time.Hmm, have you ever watched the advertisement on TV about the good attitude and advertisement that promote our cultures? how supportive! huh, i really impress and love that kind of advertisement, for instance, the man (adlin aman ramli) ignored and refused to give the seat to the person in need like the old man and even to the pregnant woman in the LRT .how poor! Somehow, it helps the malaysian to realise their attitude and try to be better next time.GOOD JOB!
For the time being, i wanna share about a familiar word, 'thank you' or in Malay, 'terima kasih'..combination of the two words that are so easy to say and easy to write as well but..not too easy to be come? hm, actually, yes, its true that it is not compulsory for each of us to say 'thank you' but then from my point of view, we should inculcate ourself to 'must say thank you to everyone that show good deeds towards us..'
Please don't care about those people who pretend to think that we just want to show off, the most important thing is..our intention..showing the gratitude is not same with showing our kindness to be praised..
Try to imagine for a while, a lady/guy is on her way to a destination, by taking the public transport like 'komuter' or bus,for sure must be so terrible especially during the hectic time..then, a good man or somebody in the bus give his seat to the lady, she is so happy, smile and say thank you to the man..i'm sure the man will be happy and fine without feeling tired although he has to stand along the way..but how about if the lady just sit down without saying anything to the kind hearted man..? ( think it nabil said :p). Actually, we need to practice it at home with our own family if we never did it before..saying "thank you mum for preparing our dinner"," thank you dad for buying this newspaper", "thankyou sis for sweeping my room" and "thank you bro for turning off my laptop.." and so on will bring the happiness and feeling of need in our family...Allah surely love the person who bring happiness into their own family and into the surrounding..rite?
p/s: just a short sharing time to remind myself and fellow readers..:) we decide!


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Doa buat ibu bapa yang dikasihi