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Friday, October 16, 2009

house chores?? is juz like the day before,my legs were still annoying in the morning..but alhamdulillah already recovered after coming back from my last lecture of kewarganegaraan..wah..this morning,En.Zarin gave us tips for the final exam that will be held on 11 November ( pembangunan insan dan kewarganegaraan 's paper)..thank you En.Zarin for all your kindness..i like the way u thought us with lots of good lessons that u brought along during your lectures. Somehow, it makes me feel so excited to be a very good 'muallimah' soon upon delivering my teaching to the students..insyaAllah..
Hm, tonite,after praying, i have an activity that actually is my hobby instead. Guess what? i'll tell you,i tidy up my room..i mean my wardrobe..there are lots of things need to be rearranged in manner..ha2..but it did not take much time..really? he2..well you know, when starting cleaning my room, i'll clear everything and at last i'll stop if i'm very satisfied with my decorations..same thing happen towards my room at my hometown..hee..Being alone in the room, lately, i love to listen to the radio( Nokia's radio).. Itell you,every morning, i'll listen to the local and abroad news..somehow, it makes me up to date as well..oh,back to my actuall story,beside decorating my room, i also listening to fm made me fell so,what else..oh ya, also turned to suria fm..a kind of traditional type of listener..ah..time is so week all the UKM student will have the exam exam is juz around the corner..I have to ponder everything..come on wanie, study smart!
p/s: 'muallimah' means the way, i'm searching some good tips to be shared during exam..wait for it ok..


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Doa buat ibu bapa yang dikasihi