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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

is it true?

If you keep on following and observing my blog for a number of times, there must be something that will come across your mind (instead of the colour) right? yes,this blog always has something new and always has kind a 'renovation','s not that im not satisfied with my job before, but then, sometimes when keep on looking my own blog, i could feel something that doesn't fit with my blog..soon,i'll search for another background song..then,i'll change the pictures as well..also the layout together with the banner to suit my style..but, the most unforgottable thing is to find the pinky stuff..hee..

My mid sem exam for 'kimia alam sekitar' had juz,how's the result? (wondering)

I feel lonely again..Being alone in a room makes me feel uneasy sometimes..what should i do? tidy up my room? huh,my room is not as messy as what you think ok..he2..juz nice with the decoration on the table as well as on the wall..
Usually, i explore the internet to search some informations regarding my assignments.It makes me feel so tired, sitting and looking to my acer,sometimes i didn't get the actuall information that suit..maybe that's why i have the time to update my blog..ha2.. Visiting my friends' room? i don't like to do that..perhaps, it can disturb them too..moreover, it could lead to 'long lasting chatting'..he2
Tonite, i went to the 'Bilik Rawatan kiy'..looked at the juniors and asked whether they need seniors' help(in case) regarding the 'BSMM family day' on this 8 Oct..two of them were decorating the banner..others, continuing selling the tickets..whereby Mun'im was so exuberant to prepare the multimedia show..they were so hardworking..good job! Juz like my batch did in two years before..really miss my PPC-10 members..

huh, already past midnite..wanna do some work that is in crying need..good luck to myself!

p/s: very sleepy..haih..


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Doa buat ibu bapa yang dikasihi