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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Because you're worth it..

It was an enjoyable day hanged out with my bestfriend, Shahirah. We always meet each other but not that often..We did'nt make it during last Aidilfitri due to out of time.. As sha is going to have a new job today, so, we decided to make a reunion yesterday..together celebrated her oncoming bithday..Actually i noticed her birthday earlier and wished to make a surprise on her..

Yes, i did it..but an error had occured..hee..


We took some snapshots in a small cute 'hut', our birthday celebration's venue..

The purple handset keychain is for sha whereby the soft pink colour is a twin!

Yes, i know sha..u 're hungry enough...lets enjoy the delicious 'cintaku' recipe...

uhh...i'm not ready yet..but it's ok..just put in...

Luckily i brought my Sony..and this was a really happy time with such a good, caring friend..

Happy birthday my dear..i wish you are always happy and be a good muslimah and success in your career..insyaAllah..."Sanahilwa ya jamilah..."

Ahaa...While going on a window shopping, i also gave some rewards to myself due's secret..he2..

Oh my dear readers including silent readers, here i advise you to always appreciate yourself by reward something to you. 
But do not burden yourself so much to buy such an expensive one ok..but it's up to you if you are a rich person and affordable..

ok..i give you an example...let's say, you have a 'long journey' to finish your work and at last it's done! So, it will be more practical to give something special for youself upon finishing the heavy job..another ways to say thankyou to yourself. 

I got this nice advice from my motivational books..and yet, i always practice it especially when there are enough 'notes' in my purse...hee..  
So, guess what are the things that being rewarded to myself yesterday ?



Simply Siti eyeliner..only this one is affordable among this wanna try her cosmetic product, other than Maybelline or silky girl..Oh yes, the another one is my blusher..

Wait..i'm not a girl that like to over makeup myself...i prefer to have a soft touch using the basic makeup stuff only..that's my style..:)

p/s: "because you're worth it"


Badio Sulaiman said...

eh eh .. simply siti.. sy dah berusaha potong kuku tadi.. so dh boleh beli nikon la ni.. yeahh

Anonymous said...

nanti ada makeup 'simply wanie' plk ya..sesuai dgn orangnya...=) [kamil]

Anonymous said...

u changed ur style eh? well..teacher wanie is always with her style..:)

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