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Sunday, October 10, 2010

One in a million..

Before furthering this entry...don't forget that today is so wonderful with the date! hee..
10.10.10...amazing right?

i wish i can get something special on this beautiful-like date..11.11.11 or 12.12.12 ...well, lets wait and see..

Ok..back to my original entry for like i wanna share some activities with u all..
Yesterday..i was so happy because my sister, farah came back home for her weekend break. well, like her sister, always 'miss' our family and home..

So, i took this opportunity to go out together, fullfilled our splendid time..we enjoyed our favourite meals, hanged out for a window shopping..what else..oh yes, went to the book fair! what an enjoyable day..

This is the most cute girl after myself...:p

Wait..tonite, as she will go back to her hostel, we will cook together..guess what recipe? spaghetti of course! because it is so easy..hope so..

ooh..have to go..time to solat..see you then..

p/s: congratulation to Dr. Sheikh Muzaffar Shukor and Dr. Herlina for their wedding today..ooh i have a great time with Dr SMS 2 years ago...ok, i put it again in Bintang hati...hee..

After giving his educational speech to the MRSM Pengkalan Chepa students, my family and i took that golden time to be in picture with him..and as expected, so kind, polite and handsome 'Angkasawan', of course..Thank you very much to my uncle upon this chance to meet him face to face..


Anonymous said...

hee, thankyou..

Anonymous said...

comey...whoa..jmpa Dr.SMS!!=)

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