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Thursday, December 24, 2009

black and white version

Selepas pulang dari kuliah tadi, wanie sempat melihat gambar-gambar kenangan sendiri, file 'my shots' dan ' kenangan di SMK Bdr Baru Sungai Long' diklik sambil minum petang. hm..sebiji epal dan segelas susu..ok la kan. hee..tiba-tiba terfikir untuk menjadikan koleksi gambar wanie ini menjadi hitam putih atau dalam bahasa orang putihnya, 'black and white'..sebenarnya mendapat ilham dari seseorang. Tetapi, bukanlah bertujuan untuk menyertai mana-mana pertandingan fotografi ya, hee..sekadar edit dan post sahaja untuk blog bintang hati ini..

Having only a Sony digital camera, its enough for me to take so much beautiful and wonderful pictures. Alhamdulillah. Maybe after it losts its functionalities and i have an extra 'fulus', i'll search for another one, insyaAllah..i have the expert who know so much about camera and photography.He is .Mr. Badiozaman.(this link goes to his blog). 

Oh ya, below are some of my snapshots and descriptions for each photo..have a look..and your comment are most welcome. Do some!

This caption was taken during Aidilfitri at Terengganu..first time viewer might think there is only a hen..but by looking the legs, how come? ha2..

and this is the retro one..

haa..this photo was taken on the way backed from KLSogo with my family last year..

black n white version.

This photo already being uploaded in my blog..but its ok if i put here was taken during the sunrise at the balcony of the resort in Paka, Terengganu..

like a full moon at night..

my previous my room

Do you have any idea about this pic?

oops..actually i wanna show off the paddy field that was being planted by the school's organization..this school takes so serious in plantation and many other agricultures..

wanie in retro form..old school teacher..hee..

This cute traditional hut was being decorated by the art teacher and the of the scenic gardens in the school..hmm..with my friends, nurul and dila.

a kind of similar photo but..

hmm..that'all. Actually there are some more kind of very beautiful pictures..but enough for the time being and i will upload them later..i like to take photo and be in the photo. Photogenic? hm..not really right? for me, people who are in love with photography are those who have their own perspective, independent and a kind of romantic as well..we can express anything about the pic that we see. A journey through the photo. Picture speaks thousand's correct.


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